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ICE Rapid Development

by Asa Sargeant | August 12, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

The IT experts at ICE have spent many years helping clients with a range of different Managed Services (including Cloud Services), and with consultancy on everything from data management through to training. In recent weeks we have taken a deep dive into those aspects of our overall offering, and today we do the same for ICE Rapid Development…

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, we are very proud to work alongside clients in Healthcare and Cruise & Travel, with much of that work involving the development and integration of Reservations systems. For more than two decades, we have striven to deliver upon the key requirements and objectives of companies and organisations both large and small, always adhering to our core values and always underpinning our efforts with a deep understanding of what is best for the client.

We take tremendous pride in our work, and we only work with the very best in class development teams, with ICE experts bridging the gap between your business and those technical teams as we build and integrate digital solutions together.

Robust Deployment Services

We deploy proven, tried and tested teams alongside your own in the design, integration and implementation processes, and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that all requirements are 100% understood and managed effectively from beginning to end.

We have more than 1,000 specialists at our disposal, who between them have participated in over 2,000 successful projects, and who cover a variety of different disciplines – including:

Data Science

An inter-disciplinary field that uses scientific algorithms, processes, methods, and systems to extract insights from structured and unstructured data.

In other words, our experts can help you with data processing and mining, machine learning, recommendations and rules engines, visualisation, big data and more.


Otherwise known as ‘user experience’, UX is the design process used to craft products that will engage with a users’ attitudes and emotions. This process involves elements of branding, design, usability and functionality.

We can help you with UX consulting, prototyping, UX and UI development, and more.

The Cloud

Increasingly becoming a metaphor for the internet as a whole, “The Cloud” is essentially the main area where computer users store data and access data via the internet. It enables data to be accessed from virtually any device due to the fact that the computing and storage takes place on servers in a data centre rather than locally on a device.

ICE can help you move your existing applications to the cloud, or to transform a legacy system – whatever your requirements, we’ll find the (ICE) way.


Visualisation – This is essentially the representation of data in a visual way, usually within a table or chart

Big Data – A field dealing with data sets that are too large or complex for ‘traditional’ data-processing application software

Top Tip

Want to know more about the cloud and what ICE can do for you? Then take a look at this article from our very own Owen (or contact us to take your first steps along theICEway)...

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