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by Asa Sargeant | August 19, 2020 | News & Events, Products & Services | 0 Comments

Each week, the team at ICE attempts to regale you with tales of our exploits, to impart hints and tips learned from years of offering IT consultancy and managed services, to provide you with updates on the sectors within which our experts ply their trade and a whole lot more. Our aim is to inject each article with some educational value whilst also providing an entertaining read, and today we look back at another selection of pieces that seem to have kept that aim true…

ICEbreaker June 2020

Offering proof that our regular e-shot often tends to hit the right notes, our most popular blog piece for June was the one announcing the arrival of the latest ICEbreaker.

Containing an update on a project that all of us here on theICEway were extremely proud to be involved in, this edition of our newsletter included a link to a COVID 19 survey for the ‘Conception & Pregnancy Study’:

Working alongside the very talented teams at University College London, the Institute of Women’s Health and University College London Hospitals, consultants from ICE and testing experts from eTestware produced a series of surveys for pregnant women designed to help investigate the effects of Coronavirus on pregnant women and their babies.

Arriving shortly after the start of the pandemic, this work was the first of its kind and will hopefully be used to produce important findings in the days and months ahead.
For the full article, plus a link to the ICEbreaker itself, please click here.

ICE Consultancy Services Part 3

Up until now, July’s most popular article was the third in a three-part trilogy detailing the services provided by our experienced and dedicated consultants.

Bucking the trend for ‘threequels’, this piece outperformed its predecessors by quite a margin, perhaps demonstrating how eager we all are for long-running series in a post-GoT, streaming-driven world!

Tying up the trilogy with a look at system selection & procurement and training, the article – which you can read here – listed our comprehensive range of services, offering tips on why outsourcing your IT requirements is an option that holds even greater importance nowadays.

ICE Rapid Development

We’re now just over halfway through the month of August, and while there is still another article to come next week – not to mention this very piece itself – they will do well to best last week’s ‘ICE Rapid Development’.

With a focus on our offering for those seeking advice on deployment, data science, UX and more, the article can be read here and attempts to provide a succinct yet compelling argument as to why theICEway is the only path to choose should you require help in transitioning to the Cloud or reinforcing an existing system.

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, ICE has worked tirelessly alongside IT teams in Healthcare, Maritime / Cruise & Travel.

We always go the extra mile when it comes to understanding your business requirements in full, priding ourselves on an ability to deliver.

If you need help with technology projects, application managed service, or cloud strategy, we can help – there has never been a better time to outsource…


GoT – Game of Thrones, a US fantasy drama series that proved relatively popular in the 2010’s

UX – User Experience, UX design is the process adopted by designers to create a product which provides a relevant and meaningful experience to potential users

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