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TheICEway – A digital ecosystem

by Asa Sargeant | November 11, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

Over the years we have built up a global portfolio of IT brands including ICE – formerly known as ICE-ICT and ICE Technology Services – as well as ICE Support, ICE ICT Australia, ICE Support USA, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware. All of these join together to form theICEway ecosystem of companies, and today we’ll look at some of the key areas in which our IT professionals can help, whilst hopefully simplifying our set up for those of you as yet unfamiliar with the brand.

What is theICEway?

Simply put, it’s a collection of specialist IT companies with offices around the world that join together to work in collaboration with your own IT teams to deliver technology projects, cloud strategy and application managed service. We have spent over two decades in cruise, travel and healthcare, building a reputation as the go-to people in these dynamic industries, and our efforts are always underpinned by a spirit of collaboration and a security by design approach.

Just this year we opened a new office in Miami, the ‘home’ of cruising, which is headed up by Angel Moledo. Angel brings an unrivalled understanding of the operational side of the industry, thus perfectly complimenting the knowledge our existing teams have built up in over 20 years.

Top Tip

We can help cruise lines get back to sea with our innovative new IT solutions for cruise, as seen exclusively at last month’s Seatrade Cruise Virtual event. We’ll be unveiling them all on our website in the coming weeks, including a time zone server solution that is designed to address a key problem in maritime, but for a sneak preview contact us now.

Plus, right-source your IT requirements to us and you’ll not only gain access to cutting-edge products but you will also be able to effectively add some of the industry’s most seasoned digital professionals to your own resources.

What makes up theICEway ecosystem?

At the start of this article we listed many of our sub brands but to keep things simple, you can think of our ecosystem as being constructed of three core entities:

ICE | CRIBB Cyber Security | eTestware

These three companies all operate both ‘individually’ and collectively – sort of like the Constructicons or the Dinobots if you are a fan of the Transformers – and each one shares our overall ethos by placing great emphasis on people, our people and your people.


ICE provides managed cloud services, consultancy, rapid development and via our new ICE Innovation arm, cutting-edge products and solutions designed to both assist and augment your existing efforts.

CRIBB Cyber Security

Data protection, governance, compliance – just some of the areas in which our cyber security experts can help. CRIBB is also an official UK Government-backed certification body and our friendly team can assist you with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.



The software testing experts with offices throughout Europe and here in the UK, our eTestware team have literally hundreds of years’ worth of testing experience between them and are always happy to share their insight.

Look out in the coming weeks for a video that also summarises what theICEway is – yes, 2020 has been largely a year to forget, but as with our cruise solutions, we have worked extremely hard to use it to produce some unforgettable things!

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