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The Cloud

by Asa Sargeant | November 18, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

As part of our ICE Managed Cloud Services offering, we help clients with public, private and hybrid cloud strategy. But what does ‘cloud’ actually mean? Today we break it down into simple terms.

When we talk about the ‘cloud’ on a computing basis, we are referring to services and software running on the internet rather than running locally on your computer. There are many different cloud services in existence for both consumers and businesses, including Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive for the former.

Top Tip

We can help you to move existing applications to the cloud, or we can help you to transform a legacy system; whatever your needs, the team from theICEway will spend the time necessary to fully understand your business objectives so that we can work with your teams to deliver.

The technology has transformed computing, allowing you to edit a file in the office and then again from another location – and with this year’s boom in remote working as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of the cloud cannot be overstated.

Here are four facts to note about it:

  • The cloud is more secure than your own computer

A bold claim perhaps but your computer can be stolen, leaving your files open to discovery; anything saved and stored in the cloud, however, is securely encrypted.

  • It is extremely powerful

Much of its popularity is due to the fact that it has enabled people around the world to use sophisticated applications at any given time. In the past, those with computers lacking in hard disk space might have struggled to run the full Microsoft Office suite (for example), whereas nowadays, most people with an internet connection can take advantage of numerous apps with the same features. The cloud has also introduced a huge amount of agility too, in so far as it is just about everywhere; we can all now access documents across multiple devices and in a multitude of different locations – difficult to imagine back in the 1980’s!

  • Increasingly more applications are using it

This is excellent news in general but particularly if your storage space is limited; think of Spotify, for example. Years ago, you might carry an I-Pod with you and be dazzled by the fact that it held thousands of songs within. Now, you can store literally hundreds of thousands of songs on your mobile device if you are a member of the popular streaming service. That is not to mention Netflix, Amazon Prime or Rakuten TV, all of which allow you to hold entire filmographies within the palm of your hand – another one that is hard for a child of the seventies to get their head around…

  • The cloud uses data and is certainly not ‘free’

As anybody with a capped data allowance will testify, using applications a lot can wreak havoc on your internet bill and although there are unlimited plans available from most (if not all) providers, it is now recognised as being a fairly ‘standard’ monthly outgoing. Still, it is a small price to pay for being able to access all of the information, right?

ICE is part of theICEway with eTestware and CRIBB Cyber Security; together, we deliver an end-to-end digital solution for our clients in cruise, travel and healthcare.

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