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ICE Consultancy Services Part 1

by Asa Sargeant | June 17, 2020 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

theICEway ecosystem of companies is a group of tech-minded brands that join forces to provide a complete end-to-end digital solution for clients in cruise & travel, retail, and healthcare. We have offices around the world and our vast team of experts are equally comfortable working in the together or remotely, which has been very useful over the last few months. Today, in the first of a three-part series, we focus upon the ladies and gentlemen from ICE Technology Services and more specifically, we look at some of the IT consultancy services that they offer.

Here on theICEway, it is safe to say that we believe in the power of outsourcing. Whether it be to bolster the existing efforts of internal teams, or to free them up to ensure that their focus is spent exactly as it should be, outsourcing your IT can not only give you access to an otherwise unavailable plethora of experience and skills, but it can also increase efficiencies and ultimately save you money. Our expert IT consultants can help with a range of different services, including:

Application Lifecycle Management | Business Analysis | Data Management | Project Management | Business Intelligence Reporting | System Integration | System Selection & Procurement | Training

Today we will take a look at the first four of these services in a little more detail, make sure that you follow our blog over the coming weeks if your interests lay in some of the others or visit our services page on the website here.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Ideally, the systems you use for your business should be in place for at least 7 to 10 years, and with ICE Technology Services’ ALM in place, we will effectively ensure that these systems operate correctly from start to finish. Our experts will evaluate your existing set-up using a number of different benchmarks including release management and defect management, determining whether or not systems need replacing – if that is the case, we will guide you through the procurement process in full.

We have been providing ALM support for more than 20 years, helping clients across different verticals with their governance requirements and updates to data, functionality and content, and our efforts have always been underpinned by an almost religious dedication towards testing.

We test every single element of your system after upgrades and releases to ensure that there are no issues whatsoever – in ICE you can trust.

Business Analysis

Our experienced business analysts are extremely proficient with gap analysis, business process mapping and design, ROI analysis and much more.

We are always looking to identify improvements in your business by taking a holistic approach, closely monitoring current processes, IT systems and the way they are used, staff development and organisational structures, always seeking opportunities for greater efficiency.

Our objectives are simple; to evaluate and improve your business systems.

Data management

Managing human resources and the data in core systems can be both time consuming and frustrating, yet these are critical elements of any business.

ICE Technology Services can help with data migration, product loading and more, with different options available; we can provide load services on one contract or we can offer you an overflow service, where we essentially reinforce your existing resources.

Our data processors are meticulously trained to ensure only the best service levels.

Project Management

A proven and effective tool when it comes to bringing resources together and maintaining control of budgets in an efficient manner, project management on theICEway with ICE Technology Services adopts a PRINCE2 methodology. Over the years, we have found that this allows for a reduction in overruns and an increase in overall output, whilst at the same time leading to an increase in the quality of products released.

We fully believe that this approach can lead to success on a consistent basis.

Next week we will look at some of the other consultancy services on offer, and remember; we know IT, so you can too.


PRINCE2 methodology – An acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments, this is a process-based method for managing a project

Top Tip

Top tips plural, actually, as we bring you 5 tips to consider when choosing to outsource to an IT consultancy – the secret sixth tip is of course, “choose ICE”:

1. Ensure you have a strategic plan in place
2. Speak with at least 2 or 3 potential incumbents, unless you know who you want to outsource to
3. Outsource to a consultancy who knows your business
4. Ensure that you understand their approach
5. Sign an SLA

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