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Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Investment in your travel system should underpin your business for 7 to 10 years. ALM is managing your system through the whole lifecycle of the application to ensure that it operates correctly and efficiently. ALM begins with procurement and ends when the system is replaced.

Test Strategy | Release Management | Change Management | Defect Management | Vendor management Issue Management/Ticket Tracking

20+ Years of Experience In Providing ALM Support

Any travel system is a living organic solution with content and functionality need updating frequently. ALM is the continuous process of managing this change. Equally the ALM process manages the updates to the system data such as product updates, contract updates and travel industry governance requirements.

Adding complexity to any travel system is the need to involve multiple vendors and system interfaces. Taking a holistic approach with ALM includes acting on behalf of clients to ensure that all changes don’t adversely affect any aspect of your system.

Finally, ICE Technology Services is religious about testing, testing, testing, to ensure that each element of your system works successfully after a system release or upgrade. Nothing has more impact on a travel business than a system that cannot be accessed by staff and customers.

business analysis

Business Analysis

The ICE Technology Services business analyst role is one that investigates business situations, identifying and evaluating options for improving business systems, defining requirements and ensuring the effective use of information systems in meeting the needs of the business.

Gap Analysis | Requirements Gathering | Functional Design | Business process mapping and design | Business to technology interface/bridge | Business case development | ROI Analysis

A Holistic View Of Your Organization

We take a holistic view of the situation which often includes examining elements of the organizational structures and staff development issues as well as current processes and IT systems.


  • To evaluate actions to improve the operation of a business system
  • To document the business requirements for the IT systems using appropriate documentation standards
Data management

Data Management

Loading, migrating & maintaining the data in your core systems can be a time consuming but critical aspect of your business.It requires patience, accuracy and the ability to clearly identify correct data assignments. Managing the human resources internally can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially with looming deadlines.

Data Migration | Product Loading | Contract Loading Support | Quality control | Consolidation

Whole Contract and Overflow Service Available

We offer loading services as a whole contract or as an overflow service adding a resource to your internal team. Our data processing team are carefully selected and meticulously trained to ensure we deliver only the best service.

Project managemenet

Project Management

Delivering the desired outcome is the fun of project management! Like many other businesses, ICE Technology Services has found that Project Management is a proven and effective tool that allows different work teams, resources, budgets and tasks to all be controlled to achieve a specific quality product in a proactive way. We understand that projects are very different from the day to day operational running of a business as all projects are unique and involve change and ultimately come to an end.

Project Management | Program Management

Dependable Process, On-Time Delivery

We use a standard Prince 2 Project Management methodology with all our clients. Using it brings many benefits including:
  • Increased the number of projects delivered
  • Increased the quality of products
  • Set correct expectations for project
  • Prevented cost overruns, or at least identify when this may happen
  • Delivered to agreed timelines
  • Reduced scope creep and risks
  • Significantly improved communication between stakeholders and project teams

This is done by using a repeatable process to manage the key variables of time, cost, and scope of a project.

By following this approach and successfully managing these variables it is believed that all the benefits described above can be successfully achieved every time.

Business intelligent reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting

As IT systems get more and more complicated and with the advent of BIG data it has become much harder to get to the piece of information that you require.

Data Warehousing | Management Reporting | Operational Reporting

The Right Data At The Right Time

At ICE Technology Services we understand your business processes, your business systems and how they integrate. Business intelligence reporting is NOT generic it is specific to your needs and your business.

The ICE Technology Services BI reporting service is based around having an understanding of your business, each departments’ reporting requirements and having expert database teams who can interrogate your systems and manipulate your data into the format you require. We will then automate this process so you can get up-to-date reports time after time.

System integration

System Integration

There is rarely one system on the market that will cover all your requirements and even if there was it is not possible to work in a vacuum.

Application interfacing | Efficiency Improvement | Application Implementation | Workflow and Automation

Time-Saving Integrations

We make sure that you, the client, have solid and reliable integrations with your other internal and external systems.

We are an expert in defining, implementing and maintaining these integrations ensuring smooth delivery of your products to your clients.

System Selection & Procurement

System Selection & Procurement

Looking for a travel system? Finding the right solution for your company can feel like walking through a minefield.

CRM | Reservations | Inventory | Property Management | Online Booking | Accounting | Mobile/Apps | Social

Highly Flexible and Customizable Process

Technical jargon and well-crafted sales presentations from vendors sound like the answer to all your needs. But choosing and integrating the best new technology requires careful consideration, planning, and execution in order to avoid unexpected delays and heavy costs.

As independent IT experts for the travel industry, we offer a range of professional and technical consultancy services. With over 20 years experience providing effective solutions to complex problems ICE Technology Services helps businesses make the best possible decisions when looking at new IT projects.

We provide a holistic process from planning to delivery. We work with your senior team identifying core business needs first, then help design and implement a system that delivers those needs. We follow a clearly defined process which consistently delivers projects on-time and on-budget.

Our model is highly flexible, meets industry best practice and will be adjusted to match your requirements with regular meetings to check progress.



We understand that a system is only as powerful as its users and thus thorough and engaging training is required.

Training Coordination | Training Documentation | Onsite Training | Remote Training

Specific System Training

We provide specific system training services ranging from large group sessions to ‘train the trainer’ scenarios as well as training manual production. Our approach is not to offer generic guidance/documentation on a given system, but rather to understand and reflect the specific nuances of your set up & processes.