tzChromar: the right time for cruise

Keeping devices on a ship to the relevant ship time / time zone has long been an issue for cruise ships. The team at theICEway has developed a solution to solve this key problem: tzChromar*.

When sailing, cruise ships have issues with showing the correct time zone on their on-board devices. Traditionally, on-board IT management have adjusted device time manually to allow crew members and guests to have an accurate ship time.

tzChromar plots the ship’s current position and allows for time zone changes to be scheduled in advance or applied instantly. The crew member with time zone admin privileges will set the required time zone with a couple of clicks and all devices will update automatically. Crucially, tzChromar enables cruise lines to have a fleet-wide overview of all ships.

* Patent pending, application number 2019937.8

38 Million Time Related Problems at Sea

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Time zone device changes



Time zone changes



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Time zone changes occur every 0.8 days at sea

tzChromar explained

Whilst the problem itself has long been a complex one, our innovative solution is anything but. Indeed, this explainer video provides the perfect illustration of just how simple the tzChromar solution for cruise actually is.


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