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Welcome to the second edition of our fresh, new ICEbreaker complete again with the brand new logo design that is due for a formal launch this Autumn - we hope you like it!
As in the previous edition, you can read through the latest hand-picked articles from our IT experts at ICE Technology Services, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware, all based upon our on going efforts to help our many clients in healthcare, cruise, travel and retail.
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The team at theICEway

theICEway & UCL

theICEway ecosystem of companies offers a complete digital solution and comprises of ICE Technology Services, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware. For more than two decades, the team at theICEway have built a reputation as IT specialists in the healthcare, cruise & travel, and retail industries, by working diligently alongside our clients’ IT teams to deliver.
This year the Coronavirus pandemic has thrown all plans into disarray and had an unprecedented effect on all of our lives, ranging from inconvenience all the way through to devastation.
These are most definitely trying times but thankfully the health and safety guidelines in place are being adhered to by the vast majority of people, and with the huge efforts of support workers and those in healthcare, we are sure to come out stronger on ‘the other side’.
We ourselves are tremendously proud of the fact that we have managed to help many customers in healthcare, and we are continuing to do so now.
During the lockdown, we joined forces with University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the Institute of Women’s Health (IfWH) at University College London (UCL), to work with them on a project designed to investigate the effects of COVID-19 on pregnant women and their babies.
The project was the first of its kind and is all set to be extremely valuable in the ongoing fight against the virus, with our expert Anni Narusk excited about the possibilities: “The project is important because the aim is to monitor pregnant women in the UK during the COVID 19 pandemic.”
The project includes a survey consisting of five questionnaires targeted towards pregnant women:
1. Registration
2. First Trimester
3. Second Trimester
4. Third Trimester
5. Delivery and Postpartum
Using RedCap, a research survey tool, Anni built out the logic behind the featured questions, which range from those related to emotions and feelings to those of a more practical nature, and whilst women in the First Trimester are a crucial target for the research project, all five of the questionnaires were prepared at the same time.
The survey evolved over time and work on the logic behind delivery of the different questionnaires required great care and attention to detail. Once the website was ready, the survey went live and you can view it using the link below:
If you are pregnant or know someone who is you can get involved in this research. All your data is held securely at the UCL data safe haven.
Here’s hoping that the results will yield huge dividends.
The team at theICEway has 14 years of history in delivering outcomes databases for many specialities in women’s health, such as Urogynaecology and Gynaecological Endoscopy.

ICE Technology Services Sectors - Cruise & Travel

As part of theICEway, ICE Technology Services is proud to have worked with the IT Teams of clients in cruise & travel for more than 20 years. Over the decades, our experts have dedicated themselves towards providing the best in customer service, and towards capturing the true essence of our clients' requirements through a deep understanding of both them and their business.
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Last month, one of our very own Cyber Security experts, Patrick Carolan, passed the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) v10 theory exam with 92%! In this article, Patrick talks us through his achievement and what is a very important certification both for him and for the company as a whole.
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eTestware Outsourced Testing Scope & Depth

Over at eTestware, we have been revisiting past articles to see if they are still relevant and to build upon the advice and observations made in them. This particular piece provided tips on how to explain the scope and depth of testing with accuracy, and before signing a contract.
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