ICE Managed Cloud Services

The team at ICE can help you with a wide range of managed services, including:

Cloud (public, private, hybrid) | Security by Design | Enterprise Architecture | Implementation | Document & Data Management | Monitoring (application performance, infrastructure, UX)

If your goal is to move to the cloud our team can support you with specific industry application
expertise in cloud strategy, enterprise architecture, migration and cost-effective IT operations.

We are also very proud of our 24/7 Service Desk, which provides “follow-the-sun” out of hours support to our clients in cruise, healthcare & travel.

Our data experts will take the strain away from your own resource, enabling you to focus on other areas of productivity, whilst our N+1 Data Centres provide the highest security levels – ICE can also guarantee a 99.5% availability uptime commitment.

ICE Consultancy

The knowledgeable IT consultants at ICE can provide you with a wide range of comprehensive services, including:

Business Decision Support & Analysis | Business Intelligence Reporting & Data Management | Client-side Project & Programme Management | Complex System Implementations | System Integration | Testing | Training

We firmly believe that by ‘right’ sourcing your IT requirements to ICE, we can help you to increase efficiencies, minimise wastage and ultimately enable you and your team to focus your time more productively.

ICE Innovation

Cutting-edge products & solutions



The team at ICE can help you with onboard device time zone management

Advice | Time Zone Reporting | Implementation | Branding | Support

If your goal is to solve device and server time zone issues and correct time display management with a couple of clicks of a button then tzChromar is the answer. tzChromar is a portal and device client product that enables seamless synchronised time zone updates of all onboard devices. This includes 24/7 service desk support and branded application.

Safe Return to Sailing – A collaboration with TravelComms

Combines the power of a health app with a unique digital communication solution

tzChromar – Time zone server solution for cruise ships

Deals head-on with the synchronisation of transaction times on PMS and hospitality systems, a notoriously key problem faced by the Cruise industry over the years.

CMCA – A unique security framework for maritime & cruise

CRIBB Maritime Cyber Assurance provides an alternative solution to ISO27001 and is recognised by the IASME Consortium. This security framework was specifically designed for maritime & cruise.

ICE Innovation

Cutting-Edge Solutions | Tailor-Made Products & Services | Future Technologies

Our many years of experience within cruise, travel and healthcare have allowed us to develop products specifically tailored to these sectors which can help solve the unique problems each one faces.

During 2020, in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and the additional issues it generated, we used our combined knowledge of IT, cruise and healthcare, to launch a range of solutions designed to help generate a safe and healthy return to the sea, all powered by theICEway.


ICE Rapid Development

Deployment Services | Data Science (including big data) | UX | ‘The Cloud’ | Product Development

The experienced specialists at ICE work with the very best in class development teams, bridging the gap between them and your business as we build digital solutions together.

With 2,000+ successful project completions, we are sure that whatever your requirements, we will find the (ICE) way.


CRIBB Cyber Security enables theICEway ecosystem of companies to adopt a ‘security by design’ approach, a methodology that is becoming increasingly more important.

An official certification body backed by the UK government, we can help with governance, data protection, consultancy and more with a robust array of products and services at our disposal.

We work alongside the IASME Consortium to help clients with Cyber Essentials, provide DPO services, Penetration Testing, and we also have a security framework designed exclusively by our experts for Maritime & Cruise called CMCA.


As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, the experts at eTestware have provided right sourced software testing solutions for many years, working alongside our clients’ IT teams in a truly collaborative way.

Based in Estonia, a hotbed of exciting new technology talent in recent years, we can offer simultaneous QA testing from up to 5,000 professional testers and can tailor our efforts towards your objectives and needs.

We take great pride in our work and adhere to a SMART ethos: Scalable, Manageable, Agile, Reliable, Timely. We are huge proponents for a collaborative approach and will work effectively with your own resources to deliver – now is the time to right source.