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Cruise & Travel

At ICE Technology Services our managed service and consultancy teams dedicate themselves to finding, acquiring and maintaining the most groundbreaking travel technology for our clients that the industry has to offer. With over 20 years in the cruise and travel industry we have an extensive knowledge of the challenges, needs and requirements of the industry. Our engineers and consultants are dedicated to delivering the best results.

Working effectively with in-house IT departments, we take pride in meeting our clients’ individual needs in the demanding and ever-evolving world of travel technology. We also understand that each business has its own unique goals. We help our clients meet their goals by assisting them to find the best technology and providers the market has to offer.

 ICE Technology Services provides a range of services across the cruise and travel industry, guaranteeing comprehensive and reliable support. We make our clients’ goals, our goals.

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Retail planning, implementation & support

We have extensive experience in planning and implementing multi-store IT infrastructure and EPoS solutions for the retail sector. We have been an integral partner in the roll out and ongoing management of these systems. Because we listen carefully and clearly identify your needs we are able to guarantee that your project is delivered on time and in budget. Our core philosophy is that technology solutions should be built around business needs and goals, not the other way around.

Strategic planning and development

Integral to the success of any project rollout is the careful planning and managed control of every stage in the system delivery process. ICE Technology Services will clearly document each stage of a project from implementation through to the “go live”. We ensure that there is a structured process in place, clear deliverables, milestones and contingencies for every situation.


We spend time understanding your business needs and requirements and then provide independent advice on retail hardware, EPoS solutions, hosting options and IT services available to ensure you procure the best solution to meet those needs.
On your behalf, we can evaluate vendors, match features and measure performance against your requirements to ensure they deliver functionality, service, technical requirements and ultimately a return on investment.

Project Management

Once a project is underway we're able to provide experienced retail project managers with the capability to roll out projects across the UK and Europe. We follow a structured and documented approach throughout each stage of a project implementation. Acting on your behalf to ensure all suppliers are following agreed timeframes, deliver expected outcomes and ensure that project rollout causes minimal disruption to your stores and staff.

Infrastructure installation

We have a dedicated team of engineers experienced in retail infrastructure implementation. The team has been actively involved in a number of nationwide rollouts & upgrades of hardware and software.

Our capabilities include:

  • Installation and cabling
  • Networking LAN, WAN & wireless networks
  • Hardware & software procurement and installation
  • EPoS systems & till software
  • Staff scheduling and stock systems
  • Security systems
  • Cloud solutions & system hosting
  • PCI compliance.


Ongoing 24 x 7 support and onsite visits

Once a solution is in place, ICE Technology Services can also provide ongoing support of systems to ensure uptime and reliability. Our fully managed service delivers:

  • Single point, 24 x 7 service desk support
  • Industry leading SLAs
  • An IT support team assigned and dedicated to your business
  • 3rd party vendor support
  • Preventative and proactive maintenance of systems
  • Ongoing strategic planning and advice
  • Onsite visits as required
  • Out of hours maintenance if required.


A person with a doctors white coat typing on a computer keyboard


ICE Technology Services have extensive experience in both public and private healthcare settings to assist our clients in meeting their needs. Our ITIL service delivery framework, consultancy expertise and industry experience is underpinned by Prince 2 project management. ICE expertise ranges from managed services and maintenance, to our experienced consultancy teams providing expert advice on Information Management & Technology systems.

Information governance

Our consultancy team can help your company to navigate the complex paths of healthcare supplier compliancy, ensuring your business is fully in-line with HSCIC standards and able to achieve the required Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC) and N3 connectivity.

System procurement

We are experts in helping our clients to find the most reliable, cost-effective and state of the art systems. Our six-step procurement service ensures that your business gains the most efficient solutions tailored to your requirements.

Managed services to the healthcare industry

Our diverse managed services provide a reliable line of support to our healthcare clients. The ICE Technology Services dedicated, friendly teams, are available as required to provide your business with services at a fixed monthly rate to reduce avoidable issues.

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ICE Technical Services Australia Offer

This page contains information relevant to the New Business campaign that ICE Technology Services is carrying out in February this year. These services are those that we think would address the challenges applicable to the Australian Market however we provide a wide range of services which may be of interest to you.

What are the challenges that we can fix?

Challenge # 1 - Replacing the “local IT guy” with a bundle of “IT Guys”

ICE Technology Services works with companies that do not have an IT department which we will outsource to them and we can also supply onsite resource in the Melbourne area. A lot of companies have the “local IT guy” come in to handle their support, however, single IT people rarely can provide for the range of skills that are required to run a modern IT system.

Challenge # 2 - Unique offer to have an onsite “IT Company” but only pay when you use them.

The key problem that ICE Technology Services uniquely addresses is that the client can have an IT engineer onsite all day but the client only pays for the actual time the engineer spends fixing issues or indeed advising on IT strategy.

How does this work?

An example of this service is that the engineer will turn up on a pre-planned day and will address issues that have been raised and if there are no issues to work on then the engineer will just work on other stuff not related to the site they are on. The client only needs to provide a desk, chair and internet connection. Simple!

What’s in it for me, the client?

For the client, this model ensures that they have on-site support available on pre-determined days, yet only pay when that engineer is actually working on issues.

There are always things coming up during the day which need to be addresses, but as our engineers will stay in your office the whole day, they can continually help you if and when needed.

Challenge # 3 - Providing 24/7 remote support or just out of hours support when your “IT People” go home
Having 24/7 support and monitoring for traveling staff, shift workers and hosted environments is expensive. We can provide this service at a fraction of the cost as we answer the phone and monitor the system doing the low-level tasks that a highly paid local engineer would not usually do.

Same is true for out of hours support. We take over monitoring tasks when your IT department goes home. Because of the time difference, our support staff in the UK works during the day and thus ensures a more productive and responsive service compared to night shift workers back home.