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March 2020

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Hello and welcome to our monthly newsletter, ICEbreaker from ICE, the travel technology IT consultants.

This month’s articles include Cruise tech trends for 2020, four malware attacks you need to know about alongside advice on how to avoid and combat them and following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, an investigation into the accusation that cruise ships are floating petri dishes.

Congratulations to Angel Moledo, our newly appointed President of theICEway USA who will head up our operations in the US cruise and travel market and develop relationships with our most important cruise clients globally. Previously, Angel held key roles for AT&T, Royal Caribbean, Oceania and his knowledge of the cruise industry and experience in both operations and strategic sales makes him the perfect candidate to lead our effort.

Meanwhile, we’re working hard to prepare for Seatrade Global 2020 in Miami in April. As the world’s biggest cruise industry gathering, with over 13,000 attendees last year, it’s going to be a big event for us as Richie and Conor unveil some exciting developments. Richie’s also an ambassador on Tech Day on 21st April. Get in touch if you’re going to be there so we can meet up. 

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Ian Richardson (Richie) and Conor Byrne
(ICE's founders)
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"It’s wonderful to welcome Scarlet Lady today. I’m so proud that as we start this exciting journey, we also bring to life Virgin Voyages’ commitment to preserving the ocean and the first of many steps towards a net zero carbon future"

Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson

Tourism already accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and the industry's annual carbon footprint is growing at an annual rate of 4%.

Source: Travel Weekly
ICE blog Jan 2nd
From eco-ballast technology, a water treatment system that stops ships sending toxins in the water, to wearable devices that boost personalisation by giving crew information to  improve services and VR playgrounds on sea, technology is transforming our industry. More...
virus key
There are four types to know about – virus, worms, Trojan horse and ransomware. How do you know if you’ve been attacked? How do you go about combating it? You’re very welcome. More...
Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. Many companies resort to patching security holes when they discover them. Instead, security by design aims to create systems that are impervious to attack. More...
Story 5-16
The largest coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China is not in a country, but on a cruise ship. Is it a fair accusation that cruise ships are ripe for the spreading of germs? The BBC investigates. The biggest issue is that even when passenger interactions are minimised, the same cannot be said for the crew. While Cruise Norwegian has cancelled all Asia sailings, Royal Caribbean said just 1.5% of queries were about the virus. More...
Story 5a-1
Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting Windows 7 users has big security implications. Experts are urging users to upgrade to a different system asap. Without the all-important security updates and patches, Windows 7 will not be safe from viruses and malware. Microsoft has obviously got sick of its cat and mouse game with hackers. Stay safe out there. More...
Story 6-16
Although many people are giving up shorthaul flying to save the planet, it’s a golden age to travel by rail and boat. Read on for some insider advice of how to travel in style. More...
Story 7-13

Adoption of cloud computing to business has fuelled a crowded $49.1 billion Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) market where the big three cloud vendors – AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are battling it out. What’s the difference between these three titans? And how do you choose the best solution for your business? More...

Story 8c
From overpacking, to not leaving enough time to travel to and from port, and not realising they can pre-book (almost) anything before they board. Here are the most common mistakes first-time cruisers make. One big one is drinking too much at the ports you visit and missing the ship! Read and learn. More...
Story 9-17
The first ever baking experiment in space took  place with NASA astronauts making chocolate chip cookies from raw ingredients at the International Space Station. Using a prototype Zero G oven, similar to a toaster, the experiment compares the effects of cooking in microgravity. It could also spell the beginning of tastier, morale-boosting food for astronauts. More...

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