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theICEway Remote Routines 3

by Asa Sargeant | May 6, 2020 | News & Events | 0 Comments

With the team at theICEway all still remote working, we decided to take a look at some of the other routines that have been adopted and so this week, we spend a little time with Val and Tomomi. When we started this feature, we did not realise that it would extend into late April – let alone a third chapter! – but it just goes to show how our people, and indeed so many others, have risen to the challenge of adapting to and embracing the current circumstances…

Val, walk us through a typical remote working day for you.

I wake up and do some light stretching before taking a rejuvenating shower and getting dressed for the day ahead. Then it is off to the kitchen for a drink – usually a cup of coffee, but nowadays I tend to have a mug of blended ginger, lemon and lime with honey and a bit of warm water in!

Wow, it sounds as though you are on a health mission.

I wouldn’t say it is a mission as such and I definitely haven’t downloaded any fitness apps like some of the other guys have, but I do think that it is good to take care of yourself.

You have had your ginger and lemon beverage, now what?

I actually take the mug to the study and sip it over maybe 30 minutes.

That’s a long time.

I like to enjoy my ginger and lemon beverages.

Fair enough!

So whilst I am enjoying that I go through my emails, and then I check through Jira for any previous tickets assigned to me. Then the day is usually taken up with meetings, resolving tickets, assisting colleagues, and researching issues.

Do you take any breaks?

Occasionally, I’ll take a brief walk if the weather is good but I do intermittently leave the desk for a few minutes to do some push-ups and dips.

Sounds tiring.

It’s actually very refreshing – you should try it.

Erm, thanks.

You’re welcome!

Val is a third line engineer at ICE Technology Services and has held several roles since joining the family at theICEway. He enjoys training and mentoring others.

Tomomi, you have just been on maternity leave – is that correct?

Yes it is, so it feels like I have been at home for so long! I was actually working from home last year before going on maternity leave too, so it will be really nice to return to the office when it is safe to do so.

The team at theICEway are all very much in tune with remote working after the last couple of months or so; how do you feel about it?

As I said, I worked remotely last year so it is not something that is new to me to be honest, plus my husband has a home office now too so it is almost like living in an office!

Sounds fun! Have you established your own routine?

I have; typically, I like to start early – before most people start working I mean – which gives me some quiet time to go through emails and to-do lists from the previous day to plan everything out.

You must be a fan of planning if you get up extra early for it!

I think it is very important because it helps my day flow better and gives me a clear picture on what needs to be done. When planning, I usually factor in urgency and the time zone our clients are in so that I can prioritise correctly. Of course, some unexpected things do happen here and there but having an updated to-do list each day helps me to quickly adjust and focus upon things that need to be done first and foremost.

Do you take breaks?

I do, usually I will have a good cup of coffee or tea using my favourite cups. I have a collection of Swedish vintage cups so I choose one based on my mood! If the time allows it, I like to take a quick walk or run by the river just outside of our apartment – it’s beautiful!

I am very jealous!

While I was on maternity leave, I learned to take the time for something else apart from work – like my nice walks – as I do tend to live for work a little, like typical Japanese people do! It has been the best time off but I am definitely happy to be back and I am actually enjoying it when I join meetings!

Finally, I hear you have a special ‘colleague’ who joins you on those meetings.

I do! Our daughter usually sits with me if she is not sleeping and I’m very happy to say that she totally feels a part of the team!!

Tomomi is one of the Application Specialists for theICEway, and always ensures that cruise system implementation projects meet clients’ expectations from start to ‘go live’.

Top Tip

Having a routine in place has helped our team members maintain focus and stay sane, so it is important that you have one of your own – why not take the time to tell us what yours is? The most interesting might be published in the future…!

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