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theICEway Introductory Video

by Ian Richardson | January 13, 2021 | Products & Services | 0 Comments

This year we will be producing a series of videos highlighting what we do here on theICEway. Today, we are posting the first of these, an introduction to the brands that make up our unique ecosystem. You will hear from team members including our founders, Ian Richardson and Conor Byrne. You will also meet Anni, David, Patrick, Bertie, Mel and Angel. There follows a transcript of the video, which you can view using the link at the bottom.

theICEway Ecosystem of companies

I’m Ian Richardson, CEO and co-founder of theICEway.

We started on this path about 20 years ago, when I was an IT Manager in the cruise industry. We founded ICE in 2007 and since then we’ve become well known for our integrity, our quality of work and our ability to deliver.

Our team provides the robust maturity of our larger scale peers combined with a more personal and agile approach which is proven, tried and tested.

We call that approach, “theICEway”.

We're regarded as the leading specialists in cruise, travel and healthcare, and that’s mainly because we work with some of the most well-known brands in the industry.

At ICE it’s all about collaboration. We work with your IT teams to deliver technology projects, cloud strategy and application managed service. And we do that really well because we understand your industry.

As part of theICEway consultancy team I love the variety of work, the dedication of my colleagues and working with our excellent customers.

theICEway ecosystem of companies includes ICE, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware, and all of these specialist brands come together to provide a complete digital solution as we work together, working with your IT teams.

ICE delivers Consultancy, Project management, Cloud and Managed Services, Rapid Development, and creates innovative solutions.

We are part of theICEway ecosystem, where we partner with the IASME Consortium as well as the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre to provide certification auditing, technical analysis and data protection compliance for companies.

eTestware delivers quality testing by experts.

Together we work with your IT teams to deliver.

Our people are our greatest asset and their dedication to our clients is unsurpassable. I am happy to say that working with theICEway team every day is an absolute pleasure.

We like challenges as these give us opportunities to provide solutions. theICEway is just the right size to deliver innovative and professional solutions with extreme agility.

A company is only as good as its work force, from the service desk engineer through to the CEO.

We support a 24-hour managed service desk with over an 80% first time fix rate.

Here on theICEway we support a number of diverse technologies on both private and public cloud platforms.

We believe in getting to know how your company works from end-to-end, so we can work together to provide an unrivalled service to our clients.

We're lucky to have such a strong team, many of which are based here in Welwyn Garden City in the UK. We've been here for years and it's definitely a place we like to call home - it's a far cry from the glitz and glamour of Miami but that keeps us grounded!

This year we opened up a new office in Miami, and that’s headed up by Angel…

My name is Angel Moledo, President of theICEway USA, coming to you from sunny Miami, Florida. I’m super excited to have joined theICEway team, and equally as excited to get out there and start expanding our presence in the US market.

Along with the UK, Tallinn and Miami offices, we have offices in Europe and Australia, so over the many years we've been working with your IT departments, we've really developed a global reach.

Watch the video

theICEway comprises of ICE, CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware, specialist IT brands that combine to deliver Results, Insights, Gains, Help and Technical support.

theICEway -> theRIGHTway

Contact us for more information and to start RIGHT sourcing your IT requirements.

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