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The Top 5 Technologies Businesses Are Talking To ICE About This Quarter

by ICE ICT Editor | November 26, 2018 | Products & Services | 0 Comments


This shows no sign of moving from pole position any time soon. No wonder as we continue to hear of data breaches and accompanying fines.

However this quarter your author detected a subtle change from how am I am going to achieve GDPR compliance to now I understand GDPR and have implemented cyber security and data handling compliance - but how do I actually maintain compliance?

The new kid on the block is how do I detect a data breach in good time ?. Increasingly, our customers are looking for a low-cost non-complex solution that either they or their service provider can manage for them.

2. Breach Identification Solution


A bit of a close finish between the two understandably as they are closely related - I see them as being analogous to cause and effect. It's the effect we’re looking at here and in particular the legal requirement to identify the breach within 72 hours and notify the relevant authorities and those entities whose data has been compromised.

The first point is easier said than done and this is where Breach Identification Software comes into play. ICE have looked at a number of solutions for our customers and in many instances it's all about providing a low-cost economic solution for their Windows environment.

Other flavours such as Linux do of course exist but sometimes the investment and learning curve for business may appear too steep relative to the perceived benefit.

3. Selecting Your Office 365 Flavour

We’re often asked about the functionality available within various types of Microsoft Office 365 Licences both for existing and prospective customers. To be fair the nuances between some of the product versions can be easily missed.

In the same vein of data compliance, how does a Business manage the data of an ex-employee or archive data on a cloud solution platform and retain confidence that the data or email will remain retrievable decade or so out from now.

While the number of emails likely to fall into this category may be low our customers know there will be exceptionally strong legal and business motivation why the retrieval of this archived data will at that time be viewed as essential by their business.

4. Moving Servers to the Cloud


This seems to have become increasingly common and is often tied in with a cross-platform migration from ESX to Hyper V. Sitting alongside this area is the key question where should these servers reside? Choose On Premises, Private Or Public Cloud.

No easy answer except the stock and somewhat mundane answer of ...well it depends on what you want to do. In truth, all of the solutions have distinct advantages and disadvantages and it's the layered experience of ICE that can deliver an answer underpinned by discernment.

Typically many of our customers settle on their own customised hybrid solution to deliver the best of all worlds.

5. Data Security and Remote Working

This continues to be a source of enquiry both for businesses that have remote workers and those companies that are seeking to encourage “Bring Your Own Device” within the business.

Per usual, it's the trade off between ease of use and data security. Some of the key questions are how do you secure an internet connection for a remote worker. What about Office 365 and BYOD when you are trying to enforce a standard secure desktop environment.

Well, the good news is, it can all be done but there is often a latent complexity which a broad range of expertise and third-party tools can uncover and then create order.

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