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ICEbreaker Mar 2021

by Asa Sargeant | March 31, 2021 | ICEbreaker | 0 Comments

Today we are delighted to present the brand new ICEbreaker March 2021 edition. We are even more delighted to reveal that it is all about our newest IT solution, for cruise this time, named “tzChromar.” Why that name, you may ask? Because it stands for time zone, chronometer, and maritime. Still unsure? Read on to find out more…

Our latest newsletter centres on the solution to a long-standing issue faced by cruise ships and vessels at sea. Below is a summary of its contents but you can view the online version here.

Confusion With Time Zones

Some quick numbers for you to process:

There are 38 million time zone changes at sea.
This is partly due to the ~78 thousand time zone changes…
And partly due to the ~2 thousand devices on board each ship.
Think about what that means for those in charge of the operation. Then consider the millions of Google searches made daily about cruise ship time by anxious guests. It is clearly an important topic, as is that of ensuring a positive crew and passenger experience.

So, so what if there were a solution that could help exponentially with this?

tzChromar And Security By Design

Any new service or product from theICEway is infused with a security by design ethos. Whether it be an IT solution for cruise, travel, healthcare or other industry, security is always at its heart – which is exactly where the team from CRIBB Cyber Security come into play.

Their experts were pivotal in ensuring that tzChromar adheres to the most robust of security protocols.

Software Testing Projects That Are Effective

Just as the CRIBB team were tasked with security duties, the team at eTestware were responsible for testing tzChromar. Software testing projects are what they do best, so it was no surprise to witness their eagerness at being involved in the project!

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