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ICE & Healthcare

by Asa Sargeant | May 27, 2020 | Cruise & Maritime, Products & Services, Healthcare | 0 Comments

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, ICE Technology Services has worked alongside the IT teams in a number of sectors including healthcare and cruise. We are very proud of our efforts over the last 20 years, and our experts continue to deliver for healthcare clients even now, during this difficult time.

The ICE Technology Services team has extensive experience across both private and public healthcare settings, helping our various clients with a number of different technology projects, with cloud strategy and with application managed service. Our ITIL service delivery framework, industry experience and expertise in consultancy is backed up with Prince2 project management. From managed services and maintenance to advice on technology systems and information management, we are dedicated to assisting our clients with all their IT needs.

Why outsource your IT?

The advantages of outsourcing are numerous, with most companies looking to achieve the following benefits:

- A reduction in operating costs
- Gaining access to world-class insight and expertise
- An improvement in company focus and the opening up of internal resource

Over the years, our experts have been tasked with streamlining and maximising efficiencies, as well as for taking over time-consuming processes and functions.

By using external resources, our clients have ultimately managed to increase their own profitability.

Which areas can we help you with?

Information governance

Navigating through the complex pathways of healthcare supplier compliance can be very difficult indeed, and our richly experienced consultancy team has all the tools and more to achieve this. Whether the goal is to ensure that your company has N3 connectivity plus all the required Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC), or is meeting with HSCIC standards, ICE Technology Services can help.

System procurement

When it comes to deciding which system to use that will offer the most cost-effective and reliable solution, our six-step procurement process will take away the strain and leave you with state-of-the-art options to decide upon. The precise requirements of your business will all be taken into consideration, guaranteeing you a tailored and effective choice that will help you to achieve your key objectives.

Managed services to the healthcare industry

Our wide range of managed services come together to provide robust and efficient support to all of our clients in healthcare. On theICEway, our core values include our people, and our dedicated and friendly teams are available whenever required to help you reduce the amount of avoidable issues that are encountered.

Along with ICE Technology Services, theICEway ecosystem also includes CRIBB Cyber Security and eTestware, ensuring that we will work with you through every required step and with a security by design approach. Nowadays, this proactive stance is even more important than before, and in a world where remote working, furloughs and lock downs are now ‘the norm’, outsourcing has become an invaluable option for those seeking to achieve ‘business as usual’.


ITIL service delivery framework – Information Technology Infrastructure Library, at the core of what IT professionals ‘do’; ITIL service delivery describes the outcome from an IT service performed for a client that adheres to two key criteria: One, client values what is produced, and two, the client does not need to manage either the costs or risks of the outcome. The ITIL framework essentially ensures that services are deployed, improved or retired.

Prince2 – A structured project management method where projects are divided up into manageable and controllable stages.

N3 Connectivity – N3 is a national broadband network used by the NHS in England.
Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IGSoC) – An agreement that anyone using the NHS internet must sign.

HSCIC – The Health and Social Care Information Centre, responsible for the security and maintenance of electronic health records and ensuring that they reflect professional practice and support improved patient safety.

Top Tip

If you are in the healthcare industry and need help or advice, our dedicated team of professionals are happy to help – contact us today to take your first steps along theICEway.

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