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Cruise Hyper-Connectivity: The Opportunities and Threats for the industry

by Ian Richardson | April 10, 2019 | News & Events | 0 Comments

Ian Richardson who Chairs the CLIA Executive Partner Technology Initiative is speaking today in Miami at the Seatrade Cruise Global Conference on Cruise-Hyperconnectivity - the opportunities and threats for the industry. 

Technology underpins every area of the cruise industry, the CLIA Executive Partner Technology Initiative was set up to discuss and address challenges across the industry by the best use of technology.

With low earth orbiting satellites being launched by airplanes internet bandwidth is set to become more accessible and affordable, why and how, what does this mean for cruise?

Joining Ian for the Q&A session is Daniele Buonaiuto (MSC Cruises), Jason Grant (Holland America Group), Nick Pietrocarlo (Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings) and Joost van Ree (CLIA) - all industry leaders covering internet connectivity, passenger experience, IoT, digital twinning and cybersecurity. This will be an educational and engaging discussion into the opportunities and threats associated with ship hyper-connectivity.

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