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Choose Your Platform Wisely!

by Mel McCormack | May 21, 2018 | News & Events | 0 Comments
Despite over twelve thousand people turning up at the AWS Summit in London this month I still managed to catch up with some old colleagues and also to get to view the new technology that Amazon is introducing on a rapid basis.

Machine learning is the big buzzword at AWS with lots of new offerings to assist in this field. Although this event was billed as an educational seminar it was difficult not to see it as an AWS sales event.

One thing that strikes me is that, unless you have an IT department with plenty of time to understand all of the offerings with their associated price tags and how these services can benefit your business, then it is essential to engage with a technology partner to assist.

Here at TheICEway we have trained staff who understand not only the offerings from AWS, but also the competing offerings from Azure. These two vendors are certainly ahead of the field in the sheer array of services they offer. As well as the new product offerings delivering the ability for companies to utilise machine learning, there is also a number of SaaS offerings which are more aligned to traditional businesses who wish to save costs without having to provision hardware to run their applications.

While Public Cloud does offer a lot, it still needs to be managed and there is a considered view that it may be easier and often cheaper to invest in your own Private Cloud - This is an offering that ICE provides to all our clients and we can help You determine whether this or a Hybrid Cloud using the best of private and public cloud solutions is more suitable for your company.

At the end of the day, it's all about balancing the combination of platforms and solutions that best fit your business needs.

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