Administrative tasks

Keeping you informed
Administrative tasks undertaken by ICE to deliver clarity and visibility
Reporting | Meetings  | Documentation | Auditing | Purchasing | Billing

Administrative tasks underpin the other services provided by ICE

They provide visibility from high level and operational sources of how the purchased services are being offered and consumed by your staff.
These services also provide opportunities for higher level strategic discussions as well as options on how ICE can best provide the services you require.

In a standard Full Managed Service package this will include Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly reports and meetings tailored to highlight the issues that are important to you.

Data Integrity

Backing up and recovering important business information
Ensuring critical systems and data are backed up and recoverable
Backup Integrity Restoration and Testing | File Backup | System Backup | Email Backup Database Backup | Exchange server backups | Disaster Recovery

Data Integrity services provide piece of mind when it comes to your data

These services cover all of your important data types from simple Files, to your Databases and entire Systems.

In preparation of the unthinkable businesses have to be prepared and implement a backup strategy. Fail to act and your business could be open to a number of serious and potentially fatal risks. Should the worst not happen and only minor data loss occurs, not having a routine backup strategy will lead to added cost, downtime and low productivity that could have been avoided.

Our experienced consultants can provide your organisation with a strategy involving regular backup programme that is simple, reliable, cost effective and scalable. Ensuring your business recovers within SLAs in the event of a serious problem.

Design and Implementation

Delivery of new features or systems for your business
Implementing new systems, designs developments or processes for your business
Website Design and Development | Website Implementation and Hosting | Infrastructure – On premises | Infrastructure – Cloud | Infrastructure – Datacentre | Application Design and Development | Application Implementation | Asset Lifecycle Management | User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Design and Implementation services are the gateways to new horizons

We here at ICE are here for you when that next new system just has to be up and running. With our multi-skilled work force we can design the solution that your business needs to take on bigger and better opportunities. ICE can specify, design and build everything from the Infrastructure holding your IT services aloft to the Websites guiding your customers to the product best for them.

If you are not sure exactly what your business needs please see our Consultancy Services and we can gather your real business requirements and translate this into a real, stable technical solution.

Document and Data Management

Assisting users to store and access information easily
Management of environments for the storage and user access of data
On Premises | Personal Cloud Storage | Organisation Cloud Storage

Document and Data Management

There is just so much information these days it can be a challenge for the most organised of us to keep on top of things and for a business it is even more important that data is both stored in the correct place and accessible for teams to collaborate effectively.

We at ICE take this challenge seriously and have helped our customers by introducing them to the new opportunities the cloud has opened up, especially SharePoint Online for team collaboration and OneDrive for Business for personal secure file storage.

We haven’t forgotten about the trusty old file shares though so if you are in need of some attention on your file server get in touch and we will be happy to see what we can do to get that data accessible yet secure.


Keeping customers and staff connected
Management of messaging systems allowing users to communicate effectively
Reporting | Meetings | Documentation | Auditing | Purchasing | Billing

Messaging services cover both email and instant messaging services

ICE understand that staying in communication is essential for a business to operate and so we offer services dedicated to providing and maintain this business critical operation.

As a Microsoft partner we have specialised experience with the world leading Exchange email server software and Skype for Business (Formally Lync). We are able to provide and maintain these services in standard On-Premises, Datacentre Hosted or Cloud based utilising Microsoft’s 365 platform.

Maybe you are looking to move from On-Premises to 365? We at ICE have years of experience with migrations and can help your business go through the transition with the minimum of fuss and with few if any of those annoying teething issues.

Monitoring Services

Making sure IT is performing correctly
Ensuring systems are operating within acceptable parameters
Infrastructure | Application | Anti-Virus | Certificates | Backups | Websites | Databases

Proactive support begins with good monitoring

At ICE we believe that knowing is half the battle and the way to know how your systems are operating is through our monitoring services.

Agreed thresholds will be set and analysed. ICE will proactively and reactively review alerts and will act on them as required.

Certificates will be monitored and ICE notified within plenty of time when they are going to expire. This means discussions can be had with the you as to purchasing new certificates.

Backups will monitored and reviewed on a daily basis. Any backups that fail will be investigated immediately and rectified. This will ensure that all agreed data/systems are available in case of disaster.

Remote Access

Allowing staff to access systems anywhere
Allowing staff to access systems anywhere
Application Virtualization | Desktop Virtualization | Point to Site VPN | Site to Site VPN

Proactive support begins with good monitoring

ICE can provide multiple options for Remote Access from secure VPN tunnels through the internet to your On-Premises or Datacentre resources to central housed Virtual Desktops.

Application and Desktop Virtualization brings other benefits as well by centrally housing you environment on a powerful server or using the leverage of Cloud services options for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) become an ever more attractive option.

Are your desktops and laptops starting to show their age but you don’t have the capital for a whole refresh project then Virtualization could be the option for you.

Resource Contracting

Improving performance through adding resources
Provision of additional allocated resource specifically to your business
Embedded Resources | Recruitment

Looking for something a little more specific?

ICE has over years built a network of specialists around the world and maybe one of them is the right person to get your next project underway or potentially you just need a dedicated engineer to help you through a rough spot?

Get in touch and let us know what you are looking to achieve and we can give a hand either with an embedded engineer, consultant or help match you up with a suitable candidate without the bitter after taste dedicated recruitment agencies can leave.


Keeping your business safe
Managing your security packages
Email Anti Virus/Anti Spam | Endpoint protection | Server AV | Physical Access Control | Encryption
Password policies/Security groups | Accounts and access | Compliance (OS Patching) | Certificates

Give ICE the Keys to the Kingdom and we will ensure the gates stay locked.

There are so many aspects when it comes to IT today that it’s hard to believe when a company stresses this or that as their focus but one thing that everyone will agree on when push comes to shove and that’s Security – especially when it comes to sensitive business information – is king.

The methods of attack in the modern age are numerous as the media keeps us all ever aware of but fortunately there are steps that can be taken and products that can be implemented to keep your data safe. The services below from ICE will cover all you needs for general protection be it securing your servers with ESET or Trend or making sure your emails are scanned even before they reach your Exchange server with Mimecast.

If you have concerns let us know and we will be happy to talk about how we can let you sleep easier with the knowledge that your business is protected.

Technical Support

Keeping your systems up and operational
Day to day operations to ensure systems are available to all authorised users
Infrastructure Support | Desktop Support | Application Support | Database Support | Directory Services
Database Administration | Network Management | Printer Management | Domain Management

Technical Support services are here to cover all your operation IT issues

The ICE ICT Servicedesk is the central point of contact for all IT related incidents and service requests available to your staff around the world, available anywhere up to 24 hours a day. Our team of skilled engineers are responsible for resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible as well as meeting customer satisfaction.

From end point devices such as desktops. laptops and smart phones up to your databases holding your business critical data we can help take the pressure off and make sure your underlying infrastructure is keeping it all held together to ensure your business is allowed to focus on what’s important, your customers.

Cover all your needs with the services listed below and leave everything to us at ICE to either resolve directly or deal with your 3rd party suppliers.


Managing your phone systems and vendors
Management of telecommunication systems with approved partners
Hosted IP | On Premises IP | Fixed Line | Mobile

It’s good to talk but as you may know when it comes to Telecoms talk is not always cheap.

ICE offer a wealth of experience when it comes to phone systems and with our partners we can help your business reduce costs and/or improve functionality.
From the small offices with simple needs to the call centre with multi branched IVR and call recording we can guide you to the right solution and then manage it with vendor on your behalf.

Combine your Telecoms with your Messaging to reach that lofty goal of Unified Communication through Exchange, Skype for Business, Asterix and SIP Trunks. Emails, virtual meetings, conference calls and response groups are all included with optional IVR support.

Is your PBX getting old and your ISDN lines are just costing you too much? Maybe it’s time to look at an IP based phone system leveraging off the ever increasing speeds and relative reduction in costs of broadband? Give ICE a call and let’s see how we can help you.

Depending on your needs we can setup and maintain the package right for you
from a number of select 3rd Party providers.


Getting more efficiency from staff
Solve issues before they surface and expand effectiveness of existing systems through training
Online Training Tutorials | Onsite Training | Remote Training

Education is the silver bullet as many say and this as we’re sure you know doesn’t end at school.

These services provided by ICE under Managed Services are focussed on developing you business’s skills with both day to day and if required business specific applications. Leveraging from our Consultancy Services we can help develop a training programme right for your business be it onsite, remotely or via a recorded presentation.

You’ll be surprised how much your staff can achieve when their eyes are opened to the possibilities on topics such as Email Management, SharePoint or just the Office Suite in general.

Our Mission:

To know more than anyone else about our customers, creating value through invisible technology.