When you are looking for a travel technology system, finding the right solution for your company can feel like walking through a minefield. Technical jargon and well-crafted sales presentations from vendors sound like the answer to all your needs, but very often can be misleading. Ahead of Travel Technology Europe this month, I spoke to Travolution about the 11 most common mistakes when choosing a travel system.

  1. Choosing a product outside your expertise and falling for the ‘new and shiny’
  2. Not performing enough due diligence and fail to plan the new system transition
  3. Buying at the wrong time and not thinking about company future plans.
  4. Not buying based on your needs, but based on the price
  5. Assuming certain features are included and ignoring the missing functionalities
  6. Thinking product can be upgraded easily
  7. Not testing the designed applications before implementation
  8. Size isn’t everything
  9. Choosing a system purely on the ‘looks’, not evaluating all costs involved with its purchase.
  10. Setting expectations high, thinking that you’ll find the perfect software
  11. The ‘human element’

It is vital to consider all of these elements when choosing a new system to make sure you end up with a solution that fits your business needs, budget, goals, and the needs of those operating the system on a daily basis.

You can read the full article in Travolution. You can meet us at Travel Technology Europe (stand T52) to find out more. Get in touch to book a meeting.